Tree & Plant Health Care

Deep Root Fertilizing

Specialized fertilizing application to assist or maintain the health and vitality of trees and shrubs. At Safe Tree, we have a variety of formulas to target specific growth, increase specific nutrients, or restore trees that are showing signs of decline.

Insect and Disease Suppression

From LDD moths, to scale, and spider mites – we do it all. Every infestation inquiry starts with a free consultation, diagnostics, and then a proposed treatment plan. Our PHC experts are continually in research and development to unsure our treatment plans, are safe, yet effective.

Tree Planting

The best way to improve our urban forest is to plant a tree! Let our experts help you with tree selection, and location, to set the tree up for success and green your backyard oasis! This is also a great way to become a Safe Tree certified Environmental Superhero! For additional information about the various trees we have available for planting, please visit Safe Tree’s Planting Guide.

Soil Remediation

One of the most effective methods for long term results is soil remediation. Soil remediation is the process of air spading the soil and implementing soil amendments through various techniques. This fixes soil compaction and increases the longevity of nutrient availability in your soil!

Pheromone Trap Installation

Using specific pheromones, traps can be used to monitor target pests in agriculture or in residential areas. By constantly monitoring for insects, it may be possible to detect an infestation before it occurs. Early detection of pest insects using pheromone traps can also lessen damage to agriculture and other plants. It can also limit the presence of stinging insects near you.

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