Storm Hits Pelham

Here in Pelham, where Safe Tree headquarters are located, We experienced a wild storm over night!

Environment Canada issued a warning last night at around 9:45 pm for a “line of severe thunderstorms” with wind gusts reaching 90km/hr. and what was described as “nickel size hail”. The weather did not disappoint.

Ivan Fredette, our owner, was called by the town at around midnight. He dutifully ran out, along with several of our crew members, to begin clearing the roads of the trees that these thunderstorms had destroyed. “On one street, there were 3 failed silver Maples, each with a major limb that had failed. Everything was blocking the road” explained Kait Simpson, who was out clearing roads at midnight with Ivan.

Storms are inevitable and trees, though meant to last a long time, sometimes fail, or break, in adverse weather. Bad weather and accidents happen. That is why it is so important to us to be able to respond quickly to these sorts of events. Without having these trees cleared, emergency services may not be able to reach casualties in time, and people could have to live with tree debris on their cars/ homes, etc. No one wants to spend the week with a tree on their house! Strom damaged trees always need to take priority, it’s a matter of safety.

We take pride in having the capacity to be there when duty calls. If you or someone you know needs help because of a storm failed tree in the Niagara Region, call us at 289-650-1775 any time of the day.

For Emergency Service, Call Us


If after business hours, please text “STORM” to 905-658-1495