Reducing tree stress and benefits of tree care.
Part 1: Fertilizing

Reducing tree stress is key to maintaining healthy trees. Fertilizer boosts the overall health by aiding the tree in developing a strong root system and encouraging new growth. Urban trees face more tree stressors and need more help  than trees in forests. We can help them by fertilizing.  Young and mature trees can benefit from regular fertilizer applications. Our local certified arborists at Safe Tree are here to help, so the trees on your property can thrive.

What does Fertilizer do?

Fertilizer replenishes the soil with elements that are crucial for tree survival. Generally, fertilizer is composed of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), three of the six macronutrients required by plants. Fertilizer provides the tree with what it needs for photosynthesis, growth, and water regulation. A macronutrient deficiency can result in slower or no growth, as well as physical damage.

What are the Benefits?

Urban trees face many more stressors compared to a tree in a naturalized area. The root zone is constricted, salt damage in the winter, pollution, competition, and soil compaction are all additional stressors from the city environment. These factors can negatively affect urban trees. Therefore, fertilizing is recommended to help our urban forest overcome these stresses.

Why Should we Fertilize Trees Regularly?

Trees have access to a supply of nutrients through organic matter decomposing. However, in urban environments, trees have a limited source of nutrients. Once the soil is depleted of nutrients, it has to be replenished in some way. Fertilizing is the best way to do this.

How do we Fertilize our Trees?

We recommend a deep root fertilization. This injects the nutrients right into the soil, specifically where the absorption roots are. This method is safe and effective. We also test the soil for macro-nutrient deficiencies, so we know exactly what your soil needs. Our fertilizer is made in house, so we know exactly where the product is coming from, and how nutrient rich it is.

Overall, trees in an urban environment should be fertilized twice annually, once in the spring and once in the fall. Both young and mature trees benefit greatly from fertilizer applications. Whether you are trying to promote growth, or help your tree bounce back from stressors, taking care of your trees creates a beautiful and safe property for you to enjoy.

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