Ready to plant?

What kinds of things should you consider when you’re ready to plant a new tree?

Choose a native species.

Your best bet for success with a new planting is with a tree species that is native to this area. Don’t plant invasive species.

Thus, this requires some research to choose a tree that will strive in the conditions you can offer it: – ie. soil type, wet or dry ground, shaded or sunny area, etc.

Have a purpose in mind.

In addition, the purpose of the tree is important to consider. Will it be used to provide shade, to prevent erosion, to add privacy to your property? Whatever the purpose is, it should inform you about what type of tree is best suited.

Check your location carefully.

Make sure you’re not planting too close to your house or septic system. Many species can cause havoc to your water and drainage systems….. AND REMEMBER TO LOOK UP!! Are your trees going to grow up into overhead wires or your eaves?

Understandably, it can be overwhelming to start this process. These are just a few ideas to start the process. Still don’t know where or how to start? It’s okay, you can contact our Tree and Plant Health Care Specialists HERE to help you decide which tree will be best suited for your property.

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