Why Mulch From Safe Tree?

Maintaining a Healthy Environment

This is why Safe Tree manufactures 100% Natural Mulch from our own trimming, pruning and tree removals. Rather than dispose of this material Safe Tree has made the environemental choice to create beautiful natural mulch at our Safe Tree headquarters!

Natural mulch is already a fantastic product…but can it get even better? The answer we have discovered is YES!  Safe Tree’s Research and Development team in conjunction with Vineland Research and Innovation testing are creating Mulch Blends!  These special blends by Safe Tree will target specific growth and pest inhibitors tailored to your specific plant and tree needs.

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What are the benefits to placing mulch under trees?

It is no secret that mulch looks beautiful under trees. However, aesthetics isn’t the only benefit!

Mulch helps a tree regulate moisture.  When the soil is too wet, mulch will retain some water and wick it away from the soil beneath. When the soil is too dry the opposite will happen, and mulch will help add moisture to soil.

Over time, the older layers of mulch will begin to break down just above the soil. This process introduces organic material and air pockets into the soil below, improving the soil quality and keeping your tree its absolute happiest.

Mulch will reduce the need for weed trimmers and lawnmowers to approach the base of a tree. This is important because those small mechanical nicks can lead to unwanted pathogens entering and attacking a tree, eventually leading to it’s potential demise.

Mulching tips

  • Plan your area

    We always say there can never be too large a mulched area under your trees. Ideally, the area would extend past the “drip line” or canopy overhang of a tree. 

  • Remove the sod / vegetation underneath the tree

    Be careful not to accidentally harm the trees bark. You shouldn’t need to dig too deep for this, only about 1-2 inches.

  • Rake a 1-2 inch layer of mulch underneath your tree

    Too much mulch could affect the transfer of oxygen through the soil to your trees roots. 

  • Leave a gap between the base of the tree and the start of the mulch

    The flared portion at the base of the tree needs to be exposed to the air. 

  • Step back...

    …and enjoy! 

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