Winter tree protection

Tree Health Tips: Get older trees inspected before ice storms

Don't wait until after a major ice storm hits to inspect your trees — use this guide to spot signs of trouble and protect your family and neighbours.
Tree Protection in Port Colborne

Tips for Protecting Your Trees from Storm Damage

"With winter upon us for the upcoming months, the chance of tree damage from wind, snow, and ice increases significantly!"
Tree Protection in Port Colborne

Reducing tree stress and benefits of tree care. Part 1: Fertilizing

Urban trees face more tree stressors and need more help than trees in forests. We can help them by fertilizing.
Tree Protection in Port Colborne

The Importance of Safety on the Job

“Safety is important to us because it is a huge part of our day-to-day work. We want to make sure that everybody on the job gets home to their families at the end of the day and that we are able to do our job successfully.” Mitchell says.
Tree Protection in Port Colborne

What is Aerial Rescue

At Safe Tree we ensure to train our tree trimming crews on aerial rescue techniques an absolute minimum of once per year.
Tree rescue in Pelham

Storm Hits Pelham

Bad weather and accidents happen. That is why it is so important to us to be able to respond quickly to these sorts of events.
tree insects in Niagara

Gypsy Moth | LDD Moth | Spongy Moth

We see the Gypsy moth spread gradually North bit by bit. Fortunately, we do have some tools to help us slow this progression through specialized targeted insecticides and pheromone traps.
tree insects in Niagara

Gypsy moth, a lifecycle

When you consider that a single egg mass can hatch 600 larvae, it’s easy to see how entire forests can be devoured so quickly.

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