Monitoring for Pests and Disease in the Fall

Monitoring for Pests and Disease Affecting Trees and Shrubs in Niagara Region: A Fall Guide Monitoring for pests and disease in the Fall during the Autumn months is a fantastic opportunity to see what issues are prominent in your landscape.…
Fall Mulching

Unravelling the Oak Wilt Webinar

Did you miss our Oak Wilt webinar? No worries! Continue reading our Oak Wilt Webinar recap to catch up on vital insights about safeguarding your trees from Oak Wilt disease or click HERE to watch the full recording. The majestic oaks that…
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Emerald Ash Borer in Niagara

The Emerald Ash Borer, a non-native invasive species, has been killing millions of ash trees in southwestern Ontario and the US.
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Ready to plant?

What kinds of things should you consider when you're ready to plant a new tree? Your best bet for success with a new planting is with a tree species that is native to this area. Don't plant invasive species.
Safe Tree apples

Native pest does not fall far from the tree

​(NC) The apple maggot, which is a fly native to North America, has been a serious pest in Canada for over 100 years. It was identified in Edmonton in 2005 and has since infected most of the city's apple trees.
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Plant the right tree in the right place

​(NC) Spring is the optimal time to plant trees on your property – but did you know that planting the right tree in the right place can help you save energy? Putting it in the right location is also a safety measure.
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How Many Trees Can You Plant This Year?

Ontario is partnering with families, community organizations and businesses across the province to reach its goal of planting six million trees this year to promote cleaner air and help fight climate change.
Tree planting Welland

Stay safe this year, hire a professional

Thanks to the trusty internet many people are accepting the DIY challenge more than ever. There is definitely a time and place for a DIY project, Tree Work is NOT one of them.

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